The Balayage trend isn’t going away and we are getting more bookings for this service in 2017 than any other year.

I couldn’t help to notice that there are so many bad examples of this colour trend on our streets including some celebs, so why is this? well, it’s a freehand painting technique and to be honest it takes a bit of practice to get right so I decided to get the experts in and get some advanced training for the whole team. I didn’t want our reputation spoilt and I feel training is always worth the investment. After the training, the team was super confident and doing some lovely work that I am proud of leaving my salon.

To get the best result book a consultation, have some pics of what you want and also what you don’t want, this is crucial as every balayage can be different and what your idea of it is could be completely different to what a stylist thinks, get a skin test during the consultation so if you decide to have a toner or colour onto the scalp then we need to make sure you are not allergic

We do two services- (if you wanted to book online) Classic or Creative, Creative takes longer and involves colour onto the scalp or root drag, The classic is scattered through the hair and applied thicker on the ends but no colour in the root area.

You can also have hair extensions like the 2nd pic to create the look.

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