Suffered a bad cut and can’t wait for your hair to regrow? Or does your hair never grow very long, or is too fine? If you’re near Croydon, give you hair a boost in 2016 with JAM Hair.

Despite appearing to have long, flawless hair, a large proportion of celebrities actually wear extensions. If you’re wondering how your favourite actresses’ hair always look so perfect, it’s probably down to several of these.

Whether you want to increase the thickness or length, or want dashes of colour in your hair, JAM Hair in Croydon offer premium quality extensions. Our expert Kate can give you a free consultation to show you what she can do for your hair.

Our hair extensions involve no sewing, no glue and no plaits, which means no damage to your real hair. They are also re-useable and can be worn around 3 times. Not only that, they are easy to remove and are available in a huge range of colours. Our salon has 33 solid colours, 23 mixed colours and 16 Ombre shades, which means we’ll definitely have the exact colour you need.

JAM Hair are dedicated to working with you to achieve the look you desire. With our help you can wave goodbye to bad hair days.

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