What is your New Years resolution

What’s your New Year’s Resolution for 2014

What is your New Years resolution for 2014 ? asks Jacqui salon owner from JAM Hair

Jacqui / Mine is to PLAN ahead and get organised and I got a great tip from one of my clients James while I was cutting his hair at our JAM hair salon in Croydon, which I will share with you, he said he uses Siri to book in your meetings or notes etc ” Anyone who has an Iphone will know about Siri and as a Iphone user who never really uses siri. I am definitely going to give this a try, other things I am going to use more is “drop box” an online storage where you can access all your files and photos etc and “Evernote” for notes and plans. That should keep me busy for a while.

Alex/ Receptionist at the JAM HAIR salon is looking to get a fabulous body and bums of steel like this picture, this is her inspiration 🙂

Good luck Alex!

Planning YOUR hair appointments to look its best

Jacqui/ My 2014 tip to you – is to book your hair appointment for every 6 weeks, Why? because your hair will look its best. If you keep it trimmed regularly and use the right hair products, you will see a massive difference. so book your appointment before you leave the salon as you’re much more likely to keep it trimmed up regularly, which will help to stop it from splitting and getting dry.

Joico four step treatment

Famous 4 step Treatment
Just £10

We have honestly transformed some of our clients hair at JAM with regular trims and treatments…it really works!!

This is one of our most popular treatments on the left which strengthens and reconstructs the hair… ask your stylist about this Joico hair treatment and get you hair in tip top condition by having this treatment each time you visit the JAM HAIR salon.

Testimonial from, Olivia Griffiths said about JAM Hair

Jam Hair are incredibly professional. The staff are friendly and helpful and always make you feel that nothing is too much trouble. Hair cuts and treatments are always excellent. I am always delighted by my visits because of the wonderful service.

here is a link to the JAM team  //www.jam-hair.com/the-jam-hair-team/

A popular stylist at JAM HAIR

Let me know what is your News Years Resolution?

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