The latest and most popular hair treatment Nanomax is like botox for the hair

Nanomax hair treatment

Botox for the hair

At the moment at JAM HAIR Salon in Sanderstead, we seem to be doing a lot of the latest treatment called Nanomax its like a mini brazilian blow dry that lasts up to 5 weeks but only costs £25  on top of a cut/blow dry, so a really affordable treatment and so many of our clients our having it done and enjoying the way it makes your hair feel.

It leaves the hair bouncy, glossy and gets rid of some of the frizz

Imagine waking up to sleek, glossy locks… No more frustrated mornings fighting frizz with the straighteners – just glistening, easy to style hair!

This amazing transformation is possible thanks to the exclusive Nanomax Salon Treatment formula, which is based on proteins, amino acids and polymers that fill and seal damaged hair cuticle, making coarse hair up to 40% less porous and resulting in ultra smooth, healthy hair…

Suitable for all hair types and textures, the 20 minute Nanomax 3D Salon Shine Treatment will give your hair an intense sheen that lasts for around five weeks and works cumulatively, so your hair will be healthier the more treatments you receive.

Why not give it a try when you next book your cut/blow dry at our hairdressing salon in Croydon.

nanomax hair

Nanomax hair treatment