10 Reasons why you should avoid box hair colour!

My name is Jacqui Marola and I’m the owner of Jam Hair Sanderstead. I’ve been in the industry for almost 25 years and I’ve had Jam Hair for 6 years. As a stylist it is very frustrating when I see these promotions and adverts for the next best hair colour that you can pick up in the supermarket. Do not listen to them. Here are my 10 reasons why these products should be avoided at all costs.


  1. PRODUCT BUILD UP! The most important reason you should avoid using non professional hair colour is product build up. There is NO non permanent hair colours in any of these high street brands, even if they say they are non permanent, eventually you will still get product build up. This is when too much colour gets into the hair strand or cortex (as we know it) and there is no more room for any more colour. This causes the ends of your hair to be much darker than the roots and even if you put more colour on the hair will stay darker leading to an uneven colour. Not what you want!
  2. IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IS SAYS ON THE TIN……..OR NOT! There are pictures on the side of these boxes to show what your hair should look like. Everyone’s hair pigmentation is different, so most of the time it doesn’t come out as the colour on the box anyway. With professional products we are able to mix colour to suit you personally. Instead of just hoping it will come out as you want, we will make the results is the one you want.
  3. ONCE YOU GO BLACK…ITS HARD TO GO BACK! The amount of clients I come across with the same story…..”I was blonde, but then I got bored so I put a dark brown on it!” This is  a school boy error when it comes to colouring. There is a whole world of colour out there and if you’re bored it doesn’t have to be a drastic change. Most salons provide a free consultation to talk about what you want specifically, my advice is talk a professional, talk to one of us a JAM Hair Sanderstead
  4. ALLERGIC REACTIONS! You can never be too careful, at Jam Hair we insist that a skin test be done at least 48 hours before your appointment. We rub a small amount of colour just behind your ears of both semi and permanent colour, to make sure you do not react to the product. If you are unaware of what happens if you have an allergic reaction then please Google it.
  5. APPLICATION! When you come to the salon, you should have no worries about stains, we always use a tint brush for application ensuring that all the hair is covered with no mess, AND we have a professional stain remover for emergencies. With a box colour you have to worry about it dripping everywhere and not being able to see the back  A stylist can see your whole head so will miss nothing!
  6. NEW IMPROVED FORMULA, BUT NOT FOR THE BETTER! With these high street brands they are always trying new ingredients, changing the formulas of the product, so one month you could be “FIERY RED” then the next it could be totally different colour, even though its the exact same brand and colour you used before. With professional colour there are no surprises, they do not change!
  7. IT WILL COST YOU MORE IN THE LONG RUN! I see a lot of ladies coming in the salon with such bad box colour experiences that they have to have a colour correction service which costs a hell of a lot more than the £8 hair dye that caused the damage.
  8. THE DAMAGE THEY CAN CAUSE! As much as they say they are “nourishing” or “conditioning” they are most definitely not. All they do is ruin the porosity of the hair, causing a lot of damage and drying your hair out making it feel like straw.
  9. LEAVE THE HIGHLIGHTS TO THE PROFESSIONALS. One thing that is a must is making sure a trained stylist does highlights, no DIY cap kit will do, these only cause bleeding and spotting and are even more difficult to rectify, again this will lead to colour correction prices!!
  10. YOU DESERVE TO BE PAMPERED! Just think about how your back breaks when you are leant over the bath rinsing off the colour that looks a lot darker than on the picture???
  11. When you come into our Jam Hair Salon in  Croydon, you are the priority from the moment you step through the door. Imagine just sitting in comfort for a few hours whilst being pampered drinking a lovely coffee and reading the latest magazines…..think about it…..you’re worth those extra pennies!

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We use Keune colour in jAM HAIR in Sanderstead

We use Keune colour at JAM HAIR in Sanderstead