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Hair Extensions At JAM HAIR


Hello my name is Kate and I would love you come in for a free consultation to show you how hair extensions can create amazing looks and styles, giving length, thickness or even just adding some splashes of colour, so pop in soon or book a free consultation with our online booking as I can’t wait to meet you. 

Our prefered brand is fabulong as its high quality, 100% human hair is defined by one very important characteristic: cuticle alignment. During the harvesting of each bundle, we ensure that all of the cuticles in each strand of hair are facing the same direction. This seemingly minor process makes all the difference when it comes to quality and maintainability, as it minimises friction between the individual strands of hair which, in turn, prevents tangling, the tips are small and made with a synthetic polymer compound and work beautifully with our tiny strong copper (available in 13 different shades to match all root colours) locks for a flawless finish, unlike micro rings the locks are much smaller and not silicon lined so lay completely flat to the hair. The hair is made from the finest healthiest hair, the hair has not been treated with harsh chemicals and all the cuticles in each strand are aligned in the same direction.

No Sewing No Glue No Heat No Plaits

This hair extension method causes no stress or damage to your natural hair.


Tiny Tip extensions are reusable and can be refitted up to 3 times when the correct aftercare is followed. Hair is easily removed and can be refitted with new copper locks.

Colour Ring

We offer a huge range of colours to make sure everyone’s hair can be matched, in total there are 33 solid colours 23 mixed colours and 16 stunning new Ombré shades.

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