Is it the end for the Balayage/Ombre trend?

Find out what the JAM team at our hairdressers in Croydon think on this topic.

For the last year or so, it seemed like every star in Hollywood was rocking the sexy beach look of the brown to blonde ombré .

What’s great about it, is that it’s low maintenance but is the ombré trend really over? I personally don’t think so, though possibly this summer we will see more reds but there will still be a lot of ombre/balayage looks out there or  at least variations of it.

In February  this year my receptionist  Alex posted a Ombre style onto our facebook page and received 35 likes  and 9 comments ,what was funny was, that  I said  to Alex when she posted it I”’m not sure if I like that it’s a bit harsh” oh well its posted now!

However I was proved wrong as everyone seemed to love it, so I said to my stylist Louise who can tell you is so passionate  about colour, why not get a model and re create a softer version of our own a classy, sophisticated but still on trend version, Louise jumped at the idea and here is the finished look, as you can see we reversed the look by taking it from blonde to a darker blonde  by  putting in a few soft blonde hilights on the top and two darker blondes on the ends creating a subtle and classy finish.

Click the video below the photos to see what our model Jess thought of her new look and see how Louise from JAM HAIR salon in Croydon created this look.

Ombre Hair at JAM HAIR Sanderstead,Croydon

Ombre Hair at JAM HAIR Sanderstead,Croydon



Click below to watch the video.