Croydon Business Awards – JAM HAIR was commended

How it felt to be commended at the Croydon Business Awards

When I heard the news I had been short listed for FSB (Federation for small businesses) in the category-  real life the entrepreneur of the year, I was thoroughly excited.

On my first short list interview, I was so much more nervous than I thought I would be! I had no idea of the questions that I would be asked I just hoped that the judges would see how passionate I am about my business and so see through my nerves. I think I may have gabbled slightly with my enthusiasm!


Sharing  in their success.

I was lucky to be on a fabulous table with the ladies from //  and Saint Cyprians Greek Orthodox  school and also my friend Hazel who runs  An online pet store.

 We all really cheered each other on, which made it even more fun and we was definitely the loudest table there, Simon Thomas the presenter from Sky Sports News  made a few comments about “table 11” Ha! Ha!

We all had a lovely meal and  enjoyed everyone collecting their awards.

After the Awards ceremony. I was fortunate to meet the judges that had personally judged me in the finals and they were very encouraging, and said I presented myself and my salon JAM Hair well.

Maud from the  was there, showing off her baby bump (well actually plural baby bump), she looked amazing and definitely glowing.


Also as a guest was Lorenzo from H&L Resources , a fantastic performance coach. Lorenzo is  positive and motivating  which also works well with his other  business as a fitness Personal Trainer!

the Croydon Business Awards


I was introduced to Mr Jeremy Frost the sponsor for the real life entrepreneur category

Maud from Best of Croydon and Jeremy Frost from the FSB



I had a chat with Jeremy Ramsdon and his wife from  Jeremy sponsored the Best business for Customer service award. A very interesting man, I met Finton Otoole from the company called The HR department, who had some great advice.. not forgetting Stefan one of the organisers from Prospect who organised this event and the  competition which helps to give recognition for businesses in Croydon . I also got to meet Tracey Thompkins from Arnold and Blawin who won the “big one” Business of the Year.

Proving local is best:  my mums old bosses was there from their company  Flemmings; it was nice to see Sumi and Hitesh who really looked after my mum when she worked for their company. They won best Business for Training and development, which was well deserved.

 All in all a fabulous night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and being commended was a real bonus.

But that wasn’t the end of my evening because when I got home I had 71 likes and comments on my  business facebook page. The girls in my team had put a post wishing me luck for the evening and so many friends and clients of the salon had wished me luck and sent such positive comments.

How great is that?

Just me messing about at the end of the night, after a few glasses of Vino