Colour your hair without allergic reactions

Feeling a bit drab and looking for a fab new colour?

Here at JAM Hair Salon in Croydon we have just introduced Keune  a premium, shiny,gorgeous colour

A colour that causes less irritation. Keune colours have no PPD’s and also contain less alcohol, alcohol cause drying, PPD’s is the ingredient that causes severe allergic reaction. Have you ever seen articles about ladies with their faces all blown up just from colouring their hair? well that is due to PPD’S as it can cause a reaction, of course this is rare.

I am not personally allergic to PPD but before I used Keune colour ,my head would tingle,I hated the smell of my hair after colouring and also the way my head would itch afterwards.

All that is now so much better with these new colours.

So if you are looking for colour with less fear of allergy or reduced itchiness

If you want a premium colour that is glossy and rich then why not try Keune here at JAM HAIR

Jacqui Marola x