Colour Therapy Styling Oil by Joico

JAM’s Product of the Month | Joico Colour Therapy Styling Oil

hairdressers in sandersteadAt JAM hair salon in Sanderstead, we don’t​ keep secrets. We like to share our favourites products with you, so that you too can enjoy the best professional haircare on the market!

JAM’s favourite product in the salon at the moment simply has to be Joico’s Colour Therapy Styling Oil. So versatile, it can be used on all hair types as a styling or finishing aid – with its feather light consistency and genius ingredients it will just add intense moisture and shine.

Sometimes, when our clients hear the word “oil,” they often run for the hills. After all, it’s got that reputation of weighing hair down and leaving it greasy…not Joico’s Colour Therapy Styling Oil!


How do I use it?

Simply pump a drop or two in your hands and apply to damp hair, starting from the ends up. Style and dry as usual – but then go back and add a tiny drop more for a one-two punch of shine. At the moment, when you buy Joico’s Colour therapy Styling Oil for £16.95, you receive a FREE HANDBAG MINI to enjoy anywhere. Cheeky!​

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